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Saturday, June 30, 2007

3 Down...1 To Go!

Since February of this year, I have been taking the Wilton Method classes for Cake Decorating at a couple of my local craft stores.

I recently just finished Course 3 Fondant.

Can I just say how much I love working with Fondant?

It's like playdough. And as a mom, playdough is something I excel at!

So at any rate, on Wednesday I had my last class of this course.

We were supposed to do a lot of the prep work at home for our final cake and then acutally do the final decorating in class. The day before I followed my instructions to a tee. I made all my fondant flowers and colored my lollipop sticks. (I had to color them because the store only had white...and I needed green.) Total prep time: 1 hour

On Wednesday I got up, got the boys up and began making my cakes. Since I was doing a 10" and an 8" I figured it would be a breeze. Until I reread the directions. I needed 2 layers of each. The problem....only one pan of each. So it literally took me 3 hours to make the cakes. I just wasn't comfortable putting two different size pans in the oven at once, I wanted them to bake correctly.

After they were baked and cooled I made my filling (raspberry whipped cream). I must say the VERY first time I have ever made any kind of whipped cream and I can't believe just how simple it really is. I leveled my cakes, and filled them and was ready for the fondant.

In the second class I made a square cake, and these ones were round. So I was a little nervous in putting my fondant on, but realized I had no reason to be. Putting fondant on a round cake is so simple! I put my fondant and let me tell you it was gorgeous! It was absoulutely perfect. Not one rip or tear or bubble, just simply perfect.

Now, for the stacking, also the very first time I was going to do a stacked construction. After reading the instructions for what seems like 12 times I sailed through it without a hitch. Now after a total of 6 1/2 hours of work and labor my cake was finally ready for class.

I live a total of 6 minutes away from the store. That 6 minutes felt like 26. The very last corner that I needed to turn, I think I took it a little too fast and the cake slid across the seat and hit the FLOOR!

I just couldn't believe it. Only minor damage that I was able to repair somewhat but my gorgeous, perfect fondant was no more. Oh well, live and let learn right?

I did manage to get it to class and do my final decorations and I was happy with how it came out. All in all, I had a total of 8 1/2 hours of my time into this cake. Now I understand why cakes in a bakery are such high prices. You don't pay for the materials, you pay for their time!

So now I am on to the next course, and the very last course in the Wilton series. Fondant & Gum Paste. At least I have a week off before it starts!


Shawnda said...

I'm *terrified* of fondant - just too scared to try it :) But, your cake looks LOVELY and I think you just convinced me to give it a whirl this week.

And your strawberry cake - now that will turn heads at a summer barbecue!

Great site - found you through the Foodie Blogroll and I'll be back often :)

marye said...

Beautiful! I am like far I am terrified of fondant!But it is SO impressive!

~~R~~ said...

I like playing with fondant I used it on cookies I made last Christmas everyone enjoyed them & Your cake looks wonderful very professional looking

Kristen said...

Impressive! I did class one and my roses looked like cabbages!
Your cake is beautiful. Nice job.

Ally said...

That is a beautiful cake! So professional looking!